Creation of Video and other media materials.

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Web Design and YouTube Channels.

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Android Apps and YouTube tools

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EYEtrance Media Soft is a new Media and Software developer.



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Currently redesigning a web site for Sept. 2017 launch and developing other media.

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TeachEnglish World Company Design. Teach English World is a web portal that offers information and resources for English teachers wanting to teach English all over the world. Logo Design. Tech-Vets is a Podcast website where Technology Veterans Carey Holzman and Mike Smith discuss Technology News and the business of owning a Computer Business.

AML Computer Support Ltd. a computer service and repair shop has been open for more than 22 years in Durham Region.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2019 Update!

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 brings everyone happiness and goodwill! Also fortune!

I am still offering computer programming teaching and work doing graphic and web design.
Check my updated pages to see my most recent works.

I am also working as a technology journalist and graphics designer for RHR now. I have done some work for them in the past and just recently. Visit:
Here a link to a sample of my graphic work for RHR. Click HERE!