I offer training and tutoring in Computer Courses at Durham College.
The courses I can tutor are:

I achieved 98% in both PROG 1205 and CSYS 1122 and 99% in DBAS 1201.

I am currently at Durham College as a student in the Computer Programming diploma program.

If you are interested in getting help with these courses please contact me at: eyetrancems@gmail.com. Check my CONTACT page for my resume. I have teaching experience. I have tutored college aged students for a school as an employee.

Combined computer programming knowledge, I have experience in:
  • Turing
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual Basics
  • Python
At university, UTSC, I also took some computer programming courses.
They are CSCA02 (The Why and How of Computing), CSCA20 (Computer Sciences for Sciences) and CSCA08H3 (Introduction to Computer Programming).

I have IT (Information Technology) certificates: CompTIA A+, MCP, MCP+I and MCSE. I also have a degree in Sciences from UofT.


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