Saturday, 18 July 2020


I grew a lot this past year.

I went and did some college in a health care field. I made a ton of friends that mean a lot to me and helped shaped me as a person. I have some support out there if I need it.

I came back to computer programming with a different mindset now. I met wonderful teachers that share the same struggle and lifestyle as me. I met a couple of college students who think and act like me and have my back.

But because I have reached a maturity point, I just do what I like. I mean I don't stress about the unimportant superficial things no more.

I have recreated and created some software that I like to do:

I hope to create more. Stay tuned!

Basically... I wanted the easy way out of everything I did as a young man. Now I found peace and just live my life without the approval of others. Took me a while LOL!


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